Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fair and balanced can kiss my arse...

I haven't made a post on election2007 before now because I was hoping that some of the non-bloggers Gam asked to participate might actually decide to have a go and we'd have the whole Faux News 'fair and balanced' shit going on. I'm pretty 'left' in the sense that I am a strong believer in human rights and worker's rights and that taxes are for paying for necessities such as universal public healthcare and education, not for tax cuts for the rich and trips to Broome- I don't know why things like that should be 'left' or 'right', but they are. My label is therefore 'left' because our current government are a bunch of self-serving whities righties and I'm definitely not on the same page as that bunch of scoundrels. I could imagine all the righty types might have been scared off posting if the blog looked too 'left'. Which is another reason Gam changed the colour scheme. I loved the initial green background but thought it might look like a Greens blog- Gam agreed and changed it.

We figured on asking a few candidates being fielded in safe seats against a sitting member, figuring the parties don't have their hearts in the fight in those seats (when they even bother fielding a candidate) and maybe the hapless candidate would like a little soapbox, however small. Turns out they're just as apathetic as their parties. Or me, for that matter. Maybe if we'd been able to invite them to Today's Apathetic Old Farts they'd have felt more at home. So... yeah... instead of this being a forum, I suppose it will wind up a historical document of sorts- a repository of various election-related rantings interspersed with interesting bits from the Poll Bludger and a couple of others. And if it's left-leaning because lefty types are the only ones literate or motivated enough to bother posting here, so be it. I told Gam we'd have trouble finding any righty bloggers who were willing to post and weren't drooling lunatics, and I reckon I'm right. I can count on the fingers of one hand the righty bloggers who can actually string a sentence together, and even then I have a lot of trouble agreeing with them on certain things.

So post away, and thanks to everyone who has contributed so far and made me look lazy. Keep it up- we're not missing 'fair and balanced' in my opinion; anyone who craves drivel can always go and read the mainstream papers or watch the tabloid TV news and 'current affairs' programmes.

Vote 1 Maxine McKew in Bennelong, and vote Green in the Senate!