Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pulp, not jobs!

The controversial proposed pulp mill in Tasmania's Tamar Valley has attracted an unlikely activist from Australia's business sector. chief executive officer Graeme Wood has denounced the mill proposed by timber giant Gunns Limited.

"Tasmania needs a viable forest industry but not at industrial scale," Mr Wood said.

He said the 1,600 jobs that were expected to be created by the mill's establishment were insignificant.

"I could add 100,000 inbound tourists to Tasmania and that would grow jobs by anywhere between three and four thousand."

Mr Wood said Tasmania was a special asset on the world stage of tourism.

"There really aren't any other Tasmania's around," he said.

"If you really want to focus on a future in tourism, then you can't destroy the forests which are the basis of that.

"The government is paying lip service to tourism but nothing more."

The proposed $2 billion mill has been earmarked for development in the valley north of Launceston.

The region attracted visitors for the remoteness and tranquillity of its wooded valleys, small hamlets and isolated farms.


That's something I don't understand about the whole Tassie pulp mill thing. Why are some jobs more important than others? Presumably Tasmania's tourist industry, which earns more than forestry and is more sustainable, can just go get stuffed. When the trees run out, because Tasmanian soils are too poor to support economically viable wood plantations, they'll be holding out their hands to Canberra.

Also is Paul Lennon the most crooked looking politician in Australia or what?