Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Election issues (don't) go nuclear

LEGISLATION flagged by the Prime Minister, John Howard, six months ago to pave the way for the establishment of a nuclear industry in Australia has been shelved until after the election.

Coalition sources said nuclear politics was proving unpopular and the Government had no desire to highlight the issue with the election so close and the Coalition trailing in the polls. "We want to minimise any barnacles at this juncture. We want smooth sailing from here on," a source said.


Why be honest with the public when you can just neglect to mention your intentions. It's not like it has worked before or anything.

Let's go to the polls without telling the Australian public what you intend to do, because winning is more important to you, having the power to do whatever you decide is good for you and your mates is important to you, the opinions of the people whose lives you are messing with however are not.

Do you really want to vote for someone who has no respect for you or your country?