Friday, September 28, 2007

We'll look into that. Later.

THE Howard Government's strategy to deal with climate change - including support for "aspirational" goals rather than binding targets - could lead to catastrophic consequences in Australia, a study has found.

These include a threefold increase in heat-related deaths, the collapse of crop yields and a serious decline in river flows.


Newflash - "aspriational" goals don't do shit. This is Howard's concession to climate change. Until recently he has been a global warming denier and, unless I'm mistaken, is still yet to utter the words "global warming" instead of "climate change".

He's only admitting to it because it will win him votes. Given that the most he's done is declare aspirational goals but not done anything about it other than bang on about nuclear energy and clean coal and so on (which, funnily enough, will make scads of money for big business while fucking over the public. Again.) you can tell he's no where near sincere.

But, according to Downer, targets will be set. Next year. You know, after that thing that is supposed to be happening by the end of this year.

Mr Downer told the meeting Australia would set its own long-term goal to cut emissions next year.

He said Australia was aware that climate change could threaten ecosystems such as the Great Barrier Reef and agriculture, and Australia had a responsibility to reduce its emissions. While Mr Downer did not explicitly support binding targets for developed countries, he said all major economies should support actions to mitigate climate change and these should include "measurable" actions by developing countries.

The GBR is already threatened! Hello - coral bleaching anyone?

It's one thing for idiots like Andrew Bolt to be deliberately obtuse about global warming, it's quite another for a government.

Things need to be done now. Decisions need to be made NOW. The government needs to get off it's collective behind and force companies to reduce their emissions. NOW. Not later. Not after they (allegedly) win the election.