Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dear Readers!

Having been absolutely blown away by the sheer numbers of people madly clicking the contribute link and sending their thoughts our way, we've decided to do something different.

Take five minutes to think about the last election. Who did you vote for? Why did you vote for them? How about now? Who will you vote for? Why will you vote for them? Click on the contribute link and email us your thoughts. You can remain anonymous if you like and your email address won't be posted anywhere, scouts' honour!

Last election I voted Labor and preferenced the Greens, putting me among a group of about 12 people who were impressed by Latham's lack of bullshit and relative honesty. I couldn't care less that he got into fights and drank lots (wholly un-Australian activities if I ever heard of any). I liked his policies and it wasn't as if I was going to be inviting him over for dinner.

This time around I'll probably vote Green because job 1 is making sure no single party controls the senate. Also the Greens are the party least likely to restrict my freedoms, probably because they don't have any power but I'll cross that bridge if we ever get to a Greens government.

Your turn.

ps thanks to those that have posted comments, it's always good to get feedback.