Friday, November 9, 2007

NewsLtd wear their heart on their sleeve

Nice guys. Really nice.

When you see the following headline, you can't help but assume that Rudd is the rival mentioned:

My next thought was, "Surely they can't be treating the fact that Bob Brown is gay as news?"

But then you look further and it becomes clear. It is a story about Johnny's "Sorry, but I'm not sorry," comments yesterday, with a link to a story about an independent candidate:

If implying that Rudd is gay is their idea of a smear, it's pretty fucking pathetic. Trying to "force" Rudd to say publicly that he's not gay? Wankers.

Reading the headline, it also seems to say that Howard isn't sorry that his rival is gay. Hmmmm...but I thought Johnny hated The Gay? I thought The Gay will cause the irrevocable breakdown of society and anarchy will ensue? Or is the use of inverted commas meant to imply that Rudd is happy? Well, we know that!

But really, tell me - what does the election campaign of an independent who decides to use hot guys to win a vote have to do with the rise in interest rates? Aside from both being dubious ways to try to win votes.

(H/T Hoyden. See also The Orstrahyun)