Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Johnson feels the burn in Ryan

Michael Johnson: waving goodbye to his seat?

Oh good news. I love good news. Our electorate of Ryan is now considered 'marginal' by the Liberals and their sitting member, Michael Johnson, despite it previously being held with a margin larger than 10%. So they're throwing $15 million our way for a sports park. Or something. Who cares?

Member for Ryan Michael Johnson issued a statement in which he welcomed the money.

The "sports park" concept first emerged in a series of leaked emails last month between Mr Johnson and the Prime Minister's office, where Mr Johnson pleaded for help, describing how his Ryan electorate had been "upped to marginal" after recent polling.

In one email he writes: "John and Ian: I need substantial assistance and a commitment here. Both of you know full well that my support for Cameron and the Govt has been absolutely rock solid in the face of overwhelming local political and community pressure. Forget even the personal abuse directed at me.

"I am bleeding on this issue and expect support now. This is a slow burn."

*Happy dance!!!*

No personal animosity to Michael Johnson, but anyone who has supported the Howard government and their destructive, anti-social policies has got to go. I hope he's political dead meat.

Vote 1 Ross Daniels or vote 1 Evan Jones! I don't care, as long as the Libs lose Ryan. I suppose Ross Daniels probably won't find the time to meet with us now, he'll probably be out campaigning his arse off now that Labor seems to think they have a chance in the seat. Sure, the chances are minimal that they'll actually win it, but the fact that there is even the prospect of this occurring is cause for celebration.

*Happy dance!!!*