Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not long now!

Howard is on the 7:30 report.

He's such a fucking slimy prick.

Claiming it's not true that the public wasn't told about WorkChoices before the last election. Why, everyone knew that they were going to get rid of unfair dismissal laws!

Fucking iniquitous, malevolent, duplicitous SOB.

Kerry O'Brien appears to be dumbfounded by a claim Howard is making about Keating's IR changes. Apparently, the only reason employment went up was because we were coming of a recession (5 years before), which means there will always be an increase in employment. Nothing to do with what Keating did Kerry, you silly man!

"Mr Keating had no respect for the Reserve Bank." Howard, you have no respect for the Australian people. Not to mention - how is claiming that you control interest rates showing respect for the RB? Fucker.

Now he's fooling himself into imagining people aren't throwing things at the tele while he's on.

"Labor governments at every level" Really? You've never mentioned that before!

Ooooooohhhhhh, now da Greenies are da baddies! Boo hiss Greens!

"We won't be building nuclear power stations." Of course not. You'll be hiring contractors from the US to do it!.

I can't even look at the bastard without wanting to just jump up and slap him. He also reminds me of that relative who gets drunk at family events and bails you up in the corner and demands you to acknowledge that everything he says is right and everything you say is wrong.

"I believe in the accountability of public figures in the serious media." I think he crossed his fingers behind his back when he said that. I'm surprised he didn't choke on his own words.

Ruddy is on tomorrow.