Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Go for growth!

By the end of the last election campaign, my nose had grown this big!

So, the government's "Go for growth" campaign seems to be working. What? You haven't heard? Oh, well now. Let me show you it.

The Reserve Bank of Australia raised the official cash rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 6.75 per cent. Mortgage rates are expected to follow within days.

The Age

Yay! Growth!

Also, J-Ho has finally come out (no, not like that! That will be Lexy D you silly billy!) and admitted what many of us have always known - he pinches ideas and words from Pauline Hanson:

I know that, I sympathise with them, I don't like it.

I bet he said through barely moving lips too. 'Cause he was trying to hide his joy that his "Go for growth" campaign is working! Duh. Later, after all the reporters had left, he stripped off his suit, ran around naked, then jumped and rolled around in a pile of fiscal reports. Mmmmmmm, fiscal reports.

The only reason that the PM didn't stand in front of the "Go for growth" slogan today like he normally does is 'cause he didn't want to rub it in Ruddie's face how well they are doing. He doesn't want Ruddie to feel bad, and feel like he can't possibly win the election. Gotta give the young whipper-snapper a speck of confidence in his abilities as a leader before he is crushed like a bug underfoot! See, Ruddie may be able to speak Mandarin, but does he like mandarins? J-Ho doesn't believe so, and he's sure that the Australian public can see through Ruddie's lies.

Go for growth!