Sunday, October 14, 2007

Howard to get his arse kicked

YOUNG voters, fearful about jobs, are poised to deliver a savage blow to John Howard's fifth-term election prospects, an exclusive Sun-Herald/Taverner poll has found.

The Prime Minister will visit Yarralumla today to advise Governor-General Michael Jeffery of his wish to dissolve Parliament and call a federal election for either November 24 or December 1.

He will do so as the devastating poll reveals his long-time critical support among older voters has also eroded dramatically.

The poll, conducted in NSW and Victoria, revealed Mr Howard entering the election campaign a whopping 18 per cent behind Labor on a two-party preferred basis - 59 per cent to 41 per cent.

Across nearly all demographics and among men and women Labor has leapt ahead, pointing to a landslide victory for the Opposition.

If mirrored on polling day, it would mean a loss to the Government of more than 20 seats.

Hatred of Mr Howard's workplace laws emerged as the critical factor in the dramatic shift in support away from the Government.

First-time voters and the under 29s cited fears about jobs and employment security as the reason they would not vote for the Government.


Younger people are less likely to vote for the Liberals anyway, so that comes as little surprise. But the wrinkly vote, the vote that - along with the religious conservative vote - is generally the one that gives him an edge.

Theoretically, the IR changes are going to be the thing that kicks the government while they're down. Good. Let's just hope that people remember all the things that the government has done to screw people over.

Insiders is on at the moment. They are expecting the election to be called in hours.