Monday, October 15, 2007

Watch Out For Those Vikings

Niall writes:

Greens candidate Boccabella got 33% of primary in the Brisbane by-election last night [sat]; although she probably captured a fair few little L liberals who didn't have any other options and probably some QLP semi-protest voters, this close to a federal election those sort of numbers suggests to me a solid greens platform in the wealthy centre of Brisbane, which I expect will transform into a wider acceptance of the Greens as a legitimate choice in the inner Brisbane seats both by voters but importantly by other parties. This result (which it must be pointed out was somewhat higher than some pollsters suggest could be possible) provides greater leverage for preference deals.

From these numbers, I was impressed at the Viking vote is larger than the ONP vote, even if this is an inner city seat - although admittedly due mostly, I suspect, to old Erik have place number one on the list, as despite my searching around I still can't find out who he is or what he stands for, aside from the fact he once worked as a historiographer (and because he was out polled by the informal). Anyhow, go Saxons!