Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some Australians are more equal than others

Posted by Andrew Bartlett: Sat 6 Oct 2007

On Friday night I attended and spoke at a pre-election forum in Brisbane organised by the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland. It was focused on the issues of immigration, citizenship, multiculturalism and refugees & asylum seekers. Other speakers apart from me were Laurie Ferguson from the ALP, Teresa Gambaro from the Liberals, Larissa Waters from the Greens and Jan Pakallus from the Citizens Electoral Council.

The forum happened to coincide with the pre-meditated and deliberate public attacks on Australians with Sudanese heritage by the Immigration Minister, Kevin Andrews, supported by the Prime Minister and other Coalition members. Not surprisingly a number of Australians there who were originally from Sudan were present who were less than happy and made their anger plain to Teresa Gambaro. I had a tiny bit of sympathy for her, as I doubt she personally supports Kevin Andrews’ comments – but only a bit.

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Andrew Bartlett is a Democrats Senator from Queensland.