Wednesday, October 10, 2007

McClelland Fucks Up

I'm trying not to fuck it up, but some people really aren't helping...

Robert McClelland, a man who's been a front bencher for nearly ten years, recently decided Kevin was having it a bit too easy and decided to attack John Howard. The problem with this is that Robert chose to attack Howard's strongest point, uphill.

Let's face facts. We need Rudd to remove the Liberal majority. This is the primary goal at this election. McClelland has had several opportunities to break ranks and make principled statements on govt. hipocrisy re: human rights. the 2001 election and the Pacific solution come to mind. Why now, on the anniversary of the single biggest issue that cost Labor the last election, would he choose to make noises on the issue?

Yes he's just stating Labor party policy but he's a fucking idiot to do it now. The death penalty wasn't an election issue. Now it's an issue that will only hurt Labor. The sections of the electorate Labor needs to win the election are not exactly known for their principled stands on human rights. He may as well have come out and said he wanted Osama to have a fair trial. Now the media have the sort of silly he said she said bullshit issue they love to keep going and the govt., with a desperation born of impending doom are pounding away at the issue, lying away about Labor supporting Bali bombers. If anything the govt.'s hysterical, overblown reaction might minimise the damage.

If Rudd hasn't issued an order to party members to shut their yaps, he's an idiot. When you're in government you can make all the quixotic statements you want. Until then, shut up and do what it takes. I don't buy the argument that Rudd's leaning towards the dark side. Would you rather have a principled opposition wandering the political wilderness while we get 3 more years of a bigger liberal majority? No? Didn't think so. It's not as if anyone is under the delusion that Howard would ever be more likely than Rudd to allow his ministers to listen to their consciences.

This post seemed to piss people off so I've reproduced it here. Flame away lurkers!