Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reconciliation and Range Rovers

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“I’m convinced we are dealing today with a new alignment of ideas and individuals; a coming together of forces I have not witnessed in 32 years of public life.

As always, the Australian people themselves are the best guide.”….. John Howard

The PM is right in more ways than he probably meant to let on.

That alignment of individuals is the blue and white collar workers on the one hand, and affluent professionals and their spouses on the other. The former make up the seats that provides the Coalition its governing majority, the latter makes up the seats that provide the Coalition its very existence.

Over the last few weeks, Liberal polling has seemingly been undertaken in seats like Kooyong, Goldstein, Higgins, Wentworth, North Sydney, Ryan etc. We know this, because my email box gets filled up with people telling me that they’ve just been polled, where they live and the name of the company that polled them. These seats aren’t just “seats” in the normal meaning of the word; they are the very heart of the Liberal party that pumps leadership blood and fund raising capability through the body of the entire organisation.

Without those types of Range Rover seats, there is no functioning Liberal party.

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